About Us

The AILANTHUS MILLWORK Company is a locally owned business that provides personalized service for all your kitchens and any other indoor woodwork renovation needs.

The business was successfully set up more than 10 years ago in Europe and now located in British Columbia. Our guarantee is our promise of great products, service and peace of mind for you. We stand by the high quality of all our product.

Our team are our family and our coworkers. We work and live by a set of strong values that are at the very foundation of everything we do. Our commitment is to provide you an exceptional customer experience:


    • Providing the best solutions for our customers
    • Acting with complete integrity and professionalism
    • Recognizing and rewarding our people (our customers and team)
    • Working efficiently as a close knit family
    • Always striving for excellence to ensure we deliver on our promises to you!